There are so many things that can decrease the strength and longevity of your home or commercial building.


Consider water damage, fire, mould … or even a natural disaster.


Whatever the challenge, for almost 50 years, F. Girard General Construction Inc. has provided high-quality restoration services to help bring customers’ homes and buildings back to health.


Learn more about our professional and trustworthy restoration services below.

Asbestos abatement

There are many facets and complexities to the handling of asbestos. We follow strict procedures to analyze your asbestos problem, and to safely and securely manage and remove it from your building.


Catastrophe/disaster restoration

Tornados, flooding and water damage, ice storms and windstorms can severely affect the integrity of your building. 

Our experts provide the top-quality service you need to restore your building back to its pre-disaster days.

Fire and smoke damage

There is no time to waste when your building is affected by fire and/or smoke damage. 

Our restoration technicians take immediate action to minimize the possibility of damage seeping further into your building’s walls, fixtures and furnishings. 


Mould removal

Got mould? Left untreated, it can damage your building’s structure and interior, not to mention dangerously affect the health of others.


Our mould removal and prevention experts use best practices to ensure your building is safe once again for you to live and/or work in.

Wooden Floor

Odour control

Certain odours can make being in a home or building unbearable. Our team uses advanced deodorizers and equipment to freshen the air and suppress foul smells caused by fire, smoke, mould, animals, and even cigarettes.

Sewer backup

When your sewer backs up into your building and/or property, this presents health hazards, sanitation issues, property damage and even personal injury. 

Our professional sewage cleanup experts work quickly to manage and clean up the problem, returning your building back to normal. 


Other services

Need help with other aspects of restoration not listed above? F. Girard General Construction Inc. makes it easier by providing services including boarding up buildings, fixing fencing, packing and storing items, ice damming and roofing. 

Ask us how we can make your restoration project simple from start to finish.